Looking for more than just the traditional in martial arts training? Rising Sun Karate is a local karate studio offering a wide range of benefits to people of all ages. We have been honored with 6 Hall of Fame awards, including USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Masters Hall of Fame Silver Lifetime Achievement awards. He was also inducted into the Molum Combat Honor Society in 2012. Our goal is to offer aspiring students the highest quality in training to enhance your skills and improve your health. We have come a long way since we first opened our karate studio back in 1995 to become one of the most respected schools in Scottsdale. Martial arts has a lot to offer children and adults alike in developing focus, self discipline, an outlet to control aggression, a positive environment, or just to provide a fun activity for the entire family. Our karate studio has a flexible class schedule featuring lower and higher belt kata and short forms, self defense, body conditioning, grappling, combat Kenjutsu, weapons handling such as Iaido, and much more. In addition to martial arts, our students will learn leadership and character building skills such as listening, respect, concentration, honor, courage, and sportsmanship. All classes are taught by our owner, Tim VanDenover, in a family-friendly, fun environment and we welcome all age ranges. Our karate studio has produced a number of young athletes who have achieved recognition in numerous local and regional championships.

For over 18 years, Rising Sun Karate in Scottsdale, AZ has provided an outlet for students of all ages to enhance their skills in martial arts, as well as their health and athletic skills. Our karate studio has a wide range of flexible class schedules, with sessions ranging from beginner to advanced black belt. Open Monday - Saturday

Rising Sun Karate
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